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Preadi International is a pioneer international educational center offering Hospitality Management Courses located at Gurugram, Haryana, India. Our university is renowned for offering a range of Diploma, Bachelors and Postgraduate programs in varied fields. We also offer all our candidates internship and placement facilities after the completion of course in varied sectors. In addition to the huge range of programs, we also render two certification courses which are the PREADI Internationals Diploma Certificate and Diploma of City and Guilds UK. Both courses are recognized under the UGC norms. We believe in delivering excellence and hence the programs are designed in a manner that would aid in building a firm foundation for students.

Along with classroom knowledge, we offer candidates expertise knowledge in real life scenarios through our industrial visits conducted every week that would help in building a good base for their Hospitality Management Careers in the longer run. Preadi International is affiliated to PURSUEASIA, out mother company. We are renowned for our 100% international Internship amenities wherein each student is rendered assured placement in eminent firms across 18 sectors. However, while the international internship is paid one, those offered inside India are free to build a sound career.

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Careers In Hospitality Management

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts

    Knowledge is an evergreen ocean which can never doom you. We, at Preadi International believe in leveraging aspirants with the best of courses at most affordable prices possible offering expertise platform for exposure teamed with a group of professionals.

  • Diploma in Bakery & Pastry Arts

    Are you a food lover? Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you fond of baking and wish to pursue a career in the field of baking? Than you have landed on the right page. Preadi International is an internationally renowned university headquartered at Gurgaon, Haryana.

  • Diploma in Food & Beverage

    Food has been an integral part of our society and the world since time immemorial. It has been a binding force in bringing people together and developing solidarity across. A course in Food and Beverage Management offers the students an opportunity to build a career surrounding the most preferred and delightful field.

  • Diploma in Bartending

    Bartending Course in India has been gaining a lot of prominence in recent years. Aspirants who aim to pursue the program have a myriad of opportunity lined up in the field so as to explore the varied facets. However, becoming a bartender is not an easy cake walk.

  • Diploma in House Keeping

    This course improves candidate’s management skills, and this course is widely considered as one of the effective courses internationally for students and enhances their ability to influence constructive changes.

  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism

    Travel is garnering a lot of attention by youth in the present time, considering the myriad of prospects it lays across. In addition, it not only opportune people to explore countries across along with earning some good extra pennies to his wallet. And thus, here we are providing students with a platform to earn a prestigious degree in Travel and Tourism Management to pursue a career in the field.

  • Diploma In Front Office

    Working in Front Office is not as easy as it is noted to be. it includes a lot of intricacies and detailing that one needs to nurture in order to grow into efficient front office managers in the future. One of the aspects of Front Office work is direct interaction with the customers.

  • Bachelors In Travel & Tourism

    Travel and Tourism Management is a 4-year undergraduate course designed for students who wish to study travel and tourism management in detail. This course is designed for those individuals who wish to make a bright future in the tourism sector.

  • Bachelors in Hotel Management

    The Hotel Industry has been blooming sporadically in India, with youth opting for building a career in the hospitality industry. With a degree in Hotel Management, one is offered a myriad of opportunities in areas of events, food and beverages, catering, hospitality and much more.

  • Masters In Hotel Management

    MHM is a popular career choice for candidates possessing excellent communication skills and good knowledge of hotel administration so that clients can be served better. Students while studying Master of Hotel Management gain excellent managerial skills required to lead such roles.

  • Masters In Travel & Tourism

    The program consists of field trips and varied activities, requiring students to have the zeal to learn about the diversity of tourism industry. In addition, pupils who have good interpersonal skills are considered to be added a beneficial aspect to pursue this program.


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